Dear fighter, I present my respects and I offer my honors because you've got ahead and you have reached the top. 

Now you belong to the world of select, unique; the different. Of the indestructible. 

You'll still struggling, Yes, always, because this is your sign of identity, but as a winner already, you'll keep winning, success, beating you with each step, with each decision, each conquest. 

In your continue pursue, others will join your side; Now you are not only. You, By your side, other many winners of the world, will join at the select circle where only the biggest will be; where the only undefeated of the world will remain and will know what can be achieved.


Dear winner, welcome to the Olympus of the winner. Be knowledgeable of the true role that involves being in the top and keep fighting; stay awake, stay bold, elegant, strong, tireless, tenacious. Stay always on foot, without decaying, lift high the drink that will make you worthy of belonging to the elite of the winner, the insatiable, the fighter.

Dear winner, holds the Cup and drink it. You will feel heat caressing your mouth and travel your throat; you will appreciate the pure taste, the tequila that only the big ones can enjoy. A moment that will make you understand how much you have accomplished and how much you still hope to achieve.

Your time has come.

Be welcome to the territory where are only the winners.

Be welcome to Montejima.


Por favor bebe responsablemente.  Please drink with responsiblity.

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