In Montejima, we care about every detail in the process from our agave cultivation, to its long process of maturation, this ensures the properties of aromatic and flavor of the tequila.


One of the most important factors for a great tequila is the agave, in Montejima we cultivate agave Tequilana Weber Blue variety.


One of the secrets of the tequila ultra-premium is the land that gives it its characteristic flavor, there’s why that Montejima only uses this special agave, located near the town of tequila, in the State of Jalisco, within the denomination

source of Tequila.


Since we cultivate, we will do a dedicated and constant attention to its growth and maintenance, cleaning and composting, to ensure the health and maturity to be in optimum conditions.


Within 10-12 years of attentive care, our agaves reach its optimum point of ripeness, and when they are selected and harvested by the expert jimadors, and taken to our distillery located in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. We put them there to cook with steam in traditional masonry ovens, we prefer this slow and traditional method because we believe so retaining the best elements that will give more intensity to the taste of our tequila. This also allows us to use the sweet honey from the oven to enrich the process of fermentation.

The already cooked Agave hearts are sent to an extraction process that is unique in the industry that uses a screw mill and centrifugal blades that minimize the breaking of fibers and that allows us to obtain a grape juice that will give us better taste the tequila. Once extracted juice, send it to open stainless steel fermentation vats, where for 3 to 5 days be fermenting 100% natural which transforms sugar into alcohol, and which takes advantage of the wide variety of indigenous yeasts from the innumerable fruit trees that surround us: mango, citrus, avocados, chicozapotes, that will give us a wealth of aromas and tastes in tequila.


Traditionally tequila undergoes a double distillation, which requires processing standard. Jealously watching the temperature and time of distillation to preserve the aromas and flavors in its purest expression, but also a dense and silky texture.


Our master Tequilero verifies every step of the production of Montejima and the initial tasting of each batch after distillation, a tradition that has been inherited in his family for generations. The master and his assistants use special glasses that allow them to move, smell, taste the tequila to determine that it has proper notes and balance.

Once it determines that that lot meets the stringent requirements of Montejima control, then it is restful in the American white oak barrels.


At Montejima we only use barrels imported from American French White Oak for our Adged Tequila. Although this is nothing common in the world of tequila, French oak gives the aromatic notes and flavors that we consider ideal for our tequila.


During this process of maturation in barrel, our master Tequilero constantly monitors the evolution, and to serve 180 days we earned our calm, our aged takes 12 months in the barrel, and only after stringent tests of tasted by a panel of experts, the tequila will be suitable for packaged

plantio de agaves
Jimador y agave
Foto fermentacion
Foto Reposo barricas 2


Por favor bebe responsablemente.  Please drink with responsiblity.

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